A big HELLO! to all clients both sides of the equator…. 2017 has been a whirlwind of a year for me personally, but I have enjoyed it immensely as it’s given me the opportunity to travel between consultations and meet with old clients and new. It has been a huge year for referrals so an enormous THANK YOU to all that have mentioned my name and offered my web site www.psychicmediumdawn.com


For some of my clients I have to admit 2017 has been a huge uphill struggle, especially with what is real and what is not. It is amazing how we so easily confuse the two during emotional unsettlement and times of enormous change and that is where my ‘gift’ assists to clarify and help to progress.

I have the pleasure of knowing one lovely client who has gone full circle in the 20 years I have known her. I had always expressed to her that she would return to her husband, even during her divorce and this year was the year they chose to put all behind them and remarry. So changes in the right direction do happen.



I have chosen to offer a SYNOPSIS ON 2018. This is going to be a bonanza year for restructuring major changes adding a complete new ‘flavour’ to your life plan. Once these processes are initiated the wheels will start turning and could take a journey time of up to 2020. So – if desiring a new direction, the sooner you get started the better! A wonderful opportunity to restructure, put into place and look at possibilities, as these can become reality. Once the decision has been made there will be turbulent situations and rough seas ahead and I can hear some of my clients already retracting into the old comfort zone, but remember the hardest venture is worth it when you eventually see the ‘light of change’ and then release all that is no longer worthwhile.

If you choose this path the winds of change will be there in force along with the speed that materialises 2018, once steered, will be fast, furious and speedy. Very much focused on looking at relationships – reviewing, recharging and removing in some cases… A year of opportunity and transformational breakthrough.

ON A CORPORATE LEVEL – (I have clients involved in business negotiations, government issues and overseas restructuring) 2018 is going to be the year of integrity, taking charge and creating control. A lot of changes will present themselves and present huge tasks ahead but everything needs streamlining in this world. There are continual breakdowns between opposite parties, restructuring is going to be a main factor of the plan and this will all be initiated by those of us that choose to govern and take charge. Communities are now tired of the structure of governments and official parties that don’t work and I feel that there will be an ‘exodus’ of many and reappointment of the unknown.

FINANCIALLY, either or a win or lose situation, the tables will turn so quickly, so be careful when investing as the markets will be unpredictable. Up one moment, down the next. Huge shifts in each direction!

I talk on many occasions about NEW CONCIOUSNESS, intuitive and psychic energy which will be at its height, as unseen energies, clairsentience and powerful visions will be proactive. So all you people out there that have attended my workshops put all you have learnt into practice!

Many of my clients operate and manage their own businesses and this will be a year when they make that extra push into their everyday schedule. An unusually powerful time to ‘push’ if considering increasing turnover, expanding or looking at opposition. However, don’t think you can pull the wool over anybody’s eyes, as you may talk up a storm on ideas and plans, but if it has no substance you will automatically lose your market share – no substance equals no reality. So be serious all you business entrepreneurs out there! Realistic action, planning and structures are the main verbs in your vocabulary that we are talking about a fast, furious pace for 2018, swept off our feet in this roller coaster world… howeverchanges are coming in this new conscious world. What are we doing?

Huge exciting possibilities, but keep it authentic, individualistic and realistic. Are we attempting to go back to basics and look at simplicity with the assistance of technology?

There will be major shifts where are we spending our precious time. People will be much more aware of how much we spend on bills, debt and the reality of how much we earn and how we spend. What is tenable and what is not.

2018 is an ‘alarm call’ for many. Business deals, restructuring opportunities, sharing resources and renewing communities. Relationships that are unsustainable will have the ‘cord cut’ with dexterity.

I return to Australia approximately mid-March 2018 and have already starting taking personal consultations from 12th March. The benefit of technology has changed my life and my Skype consultations have increased tremendously, so ‘have wings will travel’ was my mantra and it worked!

On a personal note we celebrate mumma Jean’s 88th Birthday this weekend and this is a huge accomplishment for her after eight weeks hospitalised and she still offers me that warm engaging smile when I visit. We laugh about my teenage years, which are moments to be treasured for both of us and will never be replaced in my heart.

Warmest regards,

Dawn Cleary