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Working with Intuitive Counsellor Dawn

Most of my clients have amazing and busy lives traveling, working and chasing deadlines. Hence, there is no time to stop because everyone is expected to work harder so that they can achieve the dream they are chasing. You don’t need to be clairvoyant to know that life can get too noisy and also too busy.

It seems like so many clients don’t have time to stop and listen. They don’t have time to realise that some things are making them uncomfortable. These things often build up and become problems. As a result, there’s no time to hear the small voice of intuition and to follow its advice.

When I meet clients it is for many reasons. Some clients are hesitant, some don’t think they can change while others are confused. Some clients want to learn more. Some people work with an intuitive counselor and clairvoyant to get clarity about a major event, while others enjoy the supportive guidance that regular sessions can provide.

Clairvoyant Melbourne

Clairvoyant Sessions

Every session with me is unique. I have a gentle approach and will help you to relax and take part in the session with ease.
At your first session you might notice that my approach is calm and confident. This is the best way that I can support you and offer intuitive guidance. And I want you to be able to enjoy the time.

At the start of any work with you, I will give you an intuitive summary of everything I see, hear and feel about your energy and your situation. Then by asking a series of questions and feeding back to you I will be able to give you insight into your own instinctive voice and also help you to hear it more clearly.

The aim of every clairvoyant session is to provide you with clarity and support as well as helping you to be confident in trusting your own decision making going forward. You will learn more about yourself and how you can achieve your goals. I like to teach my clients to be able to listen to their own inner voice more.

You can work with me in-person or you can also book in to speak to me on the phone or over Skype. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, we will be able to work together. You may only want a couple of sessions, or you might want to book in for a few. Call me so that we can chat about what will work best.

Group Workshops

I also run group workshops during the year. The aim of the group work is to give people the skills to work with their own intuition and therefore be better able to navigate some of life’s challenges. Each workshop focuses on a slightly different core topic. Information and dates are on the Workshops page.

I decided to book a consultation on a whim! Thank goodness I did, I wanted to give my job up as I hated it so much, thank goodness Dawn told me to wait. Just 48 hours later they offered me a payout after 20 years, the company has been sold and my job is obsolete. I must admit when I walked home from seeing Dawn, I was not convinced as I am quite strong headed and never saw what was happening behind ‘closed doors’ as Dawn had intonated. 

Sylvia Riccardo

Deansgate, Manchester

Guided Healing Meditations by Intuitive Healer Grace Burton

The ‘Guided Healing Meditations of Grace’ album by a friend of mine, Grace Burton is a collection of functional meditations to promote healing and relaxation. Grace’s soothing voice coupled with calming music will lead you into a deep sense of peace.

Giving yourself this kind of quiet space is a wonderful way to start developing your own intuitive strength.

Grace’s album can be downloaded from iTunes or directly from her website

Psychic Medium Dawn

Dawn is an intuitive counsellor and psychic medium offering international virtual consultations and personal meetings in Australia and London. Dawn provides guidance to help you live your biggest life.

Please contact Dawn for appointments on her email, my phone is switched off on regular intervals when travelling or on appointments  so email is much quicker and you will receive a response within 24 hours.

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