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Intuitive Counsellor Dawn Cleary


As an intuitive counsellor and psychic I use my intuition and my spirit guides to help clients make decisions and gain clarity.

When you are facing challenging life situations we are often in our heads! Meaning we are trying to think with our logical reasoning mind. Often going round in circles and not coming to any clear decisions.

I help clients cut through the noise, to calm the mind so you can tune into your intuition, gaining clarity and confidence to move forward.

Intuition is a knowing, it is the same as instinctively knowing and it all comes down to trust.

When you trust yourself and know that you will make the right decision, you will start to feel beautiful clarity.

In just one session my Insights leave clients with No Doubt.


I am a naturally gifted intuitive counsellor and psychic medium.

My grandmother had this ability too and recognised it in me. She told me it would blossom from a chrysalis into a butterfly, and she was right!

The best way to descrive how I use my intuition as I can see hear and feel events. What is happening to my client in their world is happening to me. So I use this information to see what my clients are facing and work with them to choose the best way forward . My sessions are about helping people use their inner strength to reach their goals. 

I have been working as an Intuitive Counseller and Psychic Medium for many years. Living in Australia for 17 of them and now dividing my time between working with Australia and UK. I have always had my natural gifts but took the opportunity to work within the corporate field of travel, hospitality and counselling. I previously created and  managed an executive Catering and events company before I decided to follow my own intuition and use my natural gifts to truly help people.

I am fortunate to have clients in Melbourne, London, Sydney, New York and worldwide using Zoom and Skype, wherever you currently live we are able to connect.

A session with me is not a mystical chat about tall, beautiful strangers or vague but exciting things that may happen in your life. My sessions are a breath of fresh air. They are an enriching experience to inspire and engage personal change through your journey. Working with me is both transformational and healing focusing on the present situation to help you move forward.

Thank you to this amazing woman who helped me change direction using her phenomenal insight. Yes, scary to progress but guided all the way, all questions answered and yes I leapt into action. I was referred via an Australian contact and now based in New York for a while. Just so thankful that we are communicating virtually.

Roberto J

New Jersey, NY

Psychic Medium Dawn

Dawn is an intuitive counsellor and psychic medium offering international virtual consultations and personal meetings in Australia and London. Dawn provides guidance to help you live your biggest life.

Please contact Dawn for appointments on her email, my phone is switched off on regular intervals when travelling or on appointments  so email is much quicker and you will receive a response within 24 hours.

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