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Individual Sessions

All initial sessions are 60 minutes and thereafter you can select either 30 minutes or 60 minutes. My 1-1 sessions are online via Skype or Zoom. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, we will be able to work together. Once you have booked a session then I will be in touch with you to arrange a time and date.

Clients come to me with many different questions relating to business, relationships, recurring problems and an inability to find direction. 

My approach is calm and confident, I want you to be able to enjoy the time. This is the best way that I can support you and offer intuitive guidance. If you have any questions please contact me

At the start of any work with you, I will give you an intuitive summary of everything I see, hear and feel about your energy and your situation. Then by asking a series of questions and feeding back to you I will be able to give you insight into your own instinctive voice and also help you to hear it more clearly.

What to prepare

The only thing you need to prepare for our session are questions you would like answered.

I do allow and encourage our sessions to be recorded so you can watch back at any time. 

I recently contacted Dawn for guidance on a situation that had been bothering me for sometime and I was anxious about the pending outcome. The situation was related to a 2.5 year battle of appeals which was impacting on my mental health. Dawn expressed empathy on my situation and was very direct on the outcome as if the decision had already been made. Then 3 weeks later the letter arrived with good news, finally, after so long waiting the outcome was successful.Dawn thank you for being there for me and sharing your understanding and guidance but also reassuring me that all would be good.


St Albans, UK

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Psychic Medium Dawn

Dawn is an intuitive counsellor and psychic medium offering international virtual consultations and personal meetings in Australia and London. Dawn provides guidance to help you live your biggest life.

Please contact Dawn for appointments on her email, my phone is switched off on regular intervals when travelling or on appointments  so email is much quicker and you will receive a response within 24 hours.

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