Lessons and guidance for life,

in small groups.



Due to the current climate, I have pusponed all workshops until 2021. Be sure to check back in the new New Year. 

The groups are a minimum size of six people, but most Workshops book up and are quickly full, so be sure to get your spot!

Although we explore personal topics and questions in each workshop, there is no forced sharing of any personal information, unless participants feel they would like to.

The Workshops are fun learning environments and are a great way to get to know yourself better, develop some new skills, and meet other interesting people.

I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions before booking a Workshop.

Going through university is tough at the best of times, but even harder when your parents designate the degree you need to take. My father is a senior doctor in his country, my grandfather was a specialist , I have no interest in medicine I saw Dawn to clarify the hardest decision I feel I will have to take which will jeopardise my family connection but I have to be me or it is not a life it is a prison for many years….. on top of that I can’t even stand being near blood! 

Sean Tao


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Dawn is an intuitive counsellor and psychic medium offering international virtual consultations and personal meetings in Australia and London. Dawn provides guidance to help you live your biggest life.

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