Neatly 20 years ago I was travelling around the Far East and had what I felt was a devastating loss.  The item I lost was materialistic to me and had an abundance of love surrounding it  and I must admit I felt  what I suppose was materialistic shock if there is such a thing!
There was no way  of recuperating what I had lost  and my Tibetan guide encouraged me to carry on with my journey and experience what I had originally planned to do.
From my Western mind I found this quite hard to accept and felt emotionally empty, he could see that I was making no progress with what he had shared, he took the initiative to share my loss with the rest of the travellers, this was a powerful action on his part as I then took on stories  of others losses, some whom had experienced similar or worse tragedies than mine. The next thing he did was to tell me his beliefs, “We have to lose sometimes to receive, today what happened was destiny and you cannot change anything about that but relinquish the situation  and let it go”.   He then took me to the prayer wheel during our visit to the temple and asked me  to visualise the loss and absorb into the prayer wheel as I turned, liberate myself and actualise what I wished for a replacement for the loss.
Nine months later I welcomed my only son into the world and on looking back at that time I realised the Far East loss was really nothing at all.
So when putting all this into perspective I had a choice whether  to see this incident in a negative or positive light and this is a powerful  thought to which way we influence our next step . So as it is with us all when we are faced with dilemmas  loss and negativity we should think of what the late Wayne Dwyer expressed in a small quote –
‘If you change the way you look at things,  the things you look at change” – and this is true.
For all the different clients I have the pleasure  to work with, I say to my clients, “When we look for good, we are more likely to find it, if we inspire and keep positive it ‘opens the door’ for hope, if we offer a welcome and optimistic mind, hope is more likely to visit