The powerful Taurean moon is making its exciting entrance in conjunction with a partial lunar eclipse on October 28, 2023. This period promises significant changes and transformation, offering a chance to reflect and find closure for what we’ve been longing for.

As the lunar eclipse passes over this strong and assertive Taurean moon, it marks the end of a two-year chapter. This exalted Taurean moon symbolizes nurturing and the ability to handle any situation that arises. The present moment is all about completing or altering our path. I’ve had conversations with many clients recently about having to make unexpected turns to achieve closure and success. Sometimes, simply contemplating a different approach can redirect our course. A lunar eclipse offers an opportunity to uncover the truth, especially within ourselves. Secrets are revealed, unspoken words find answers, and this period can feel like a scheming Halloween witch casting a dramatic spell of intensity. In other words, this eclipse has the power to shake us emotionally, leaving us surprised and enlightened.

Embrace this poignant moment for transformative change in your life. Be prepared for abrupt shifts that might initially throw you off course but ultimately enlighten you. Change is often viewed negatively, but it brings benefits and inspiration. Let go of old thoughts that have lingered for too long, allowing them to dissipate and find closure. Sometimes, we think we’ve erased memories, but they return like a haunting nightmare. Now is the time to truly release and let go. Working on releasing these thoughts can affect our nervous system, making us more sensitive and inclined to resist. However, resistance is not the answer.

During this eclipse, there’s no running away or retreating. When you receive new information, acknowledge it and use it practically. Think of it like receiving diverse culinary ingredients—what will you create? Any projects, relationships, or financial matters that no longer serve you need a revolution. With the grounding influence of the Taurean moon, you can find stability and manifest your resources for a comfortable landing. If you resist releasing what needs to go, frustration and feeling out of sync may return. The best advice is to exit gracefully.

The presence and energies of this lunar eclipse in conjunction with the Taurean moon invite you to sit with your feelings and thoughts, to be still, and to trust and rely on yourself. Embrace your inner strength and trust your instincts. This time is about simplicity and a smoother path forward. Though we are tied to the past, remember that the future is waiting once you step through that exit door. Stand in your truth, confront what you must, and let the Taurean moon bring resilience to the most relevant person in your life—you. Look for signs pointing to new directions and be open to change. Don’t struggle with this eclipse; instead, savor an uncomplicated life, taking one step at a time. Desired changes will come to fruition when you find inner stillness and strength through the Taurean moon.

Shift from old patterns to new ones, and remember that the simplest solution is often the right one. Release energies that no longer serve you without resistance. Just like a leaf falling from a branch, it happens when the time is right.