Well it’ s been a great run but I finally have a new website, which simply means clarity, clearness and excitement!

So from now on, all of my blog articles, photos, insights, ideas and life movement in general will be found here.


Do you want to change your behaviour, your habits or your thought patterns?
Start with saying, “I do”.

This is the first step towards the next change of direction, improved lifestyle or dare I say it, productive happiness!

Can it be as simple as that? “I do”? It’s not a fallacy but 10 of of a 100 of my clients who commit to change do so whether it is New Year or mid year. It is irrelevant when we commit to change but New Year is always a good starting point.

To be successful, the way forward is to look at what we have that makes us joyous. Be thankful and practice your thankfulness every day. View your day while holding a glass that is half full, rather than half empty.

We have to have a strength of self-confidence and a belief in ourselves. This automatically creates positivity, creates time to change and helps you to stick by your plans. This forms a wonderful circular feedback loop, creating more self-confidence because you have managed to get some change in motion. And this leads to you becoming more fully involved in your life and not separate from it.

Always keep self-esteem and happiness close to you. Life goes up or down, never staying the same. Live the experience within you. Don’t detach, otherwise you are looking into the problem which creates worry, which means you stop the change and the resolution. And the changes you chose are not part of you, and attaining your goals becomes too challenging and we automatically fail.

Do we make our progress quickly, moderately or slowly?

Some of  my clients initiate change so quickly I am left in awe. Some clients work at a more moderate pace and others move in the slow lane. I can tell you that the client that works at a steady pace wins the race to change as they become so part of the change that they experience every moment.

Steadiness produces an emotional calm character which influences all day to day situations – work, family, friends and any  interactions in your life

What am I saying? Keep focused and present no matter what occurs. Revert away from anger, fear, rejection, and anything negative.

Keeping steady means  no highs or lows. Steady means balance. If you have a particularly difficult time, don’t hibernate, face it, learn from it and evolve into a stronger you.

So, back to the resolution for 2017 then. Leave the comfort zone of same sameness – staying with a job that holds no passion, retaining the relationship that has no commitment…  Yes it is scary to change, but don’t waste life. There’s always more to do or experience as we progress through life’s stages.

The most important thing in life is to have fun! BE IN IT! When it is fun no more, make changes…and, Yes you can do it. If you don’t achieve everything  immediately, or at a speed quick enough for you, re-track. Ask what stops you and negotiate it. Always remember if your heart is half full with love, commitment or passion…. Try! Try, try and try again  and positivity will grow.

Happy New You!

If you feel that you are ready to start making some changes in your life, book in to attend one of my group Workshops in early 2017. Or work with me on a one-to-one basis to initiate some wonderful personal change.